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Chemical Physics is a branch of physics and chemistry that uses techniques for the investigation of physicochemical phenomena. These techniques include condensed physics matter, molecular and atomic physics, etc. This is a branch of Physics in which the chemical processes are studied from the physical point of view.

The United States Department of Education explains the Chemical Physics as the “Chemical Physics is a distinguished program that concentrates upon the systematic study of structural phenomena that merges the atomic/molecular physics and Chemical Physics. This study includes the heterogeneous structures, quantum theory, alignment and surface phenomena, statistical and classical mechanics, mathematical physics, laser physics, and chemical kinetics.”

What Does Chemical Physicist Do?
Chemical Physicists are the researchers who inspect the topics related to Chemical Physics. They enquire about topics that concern the discipline of chemistry as well as physics. Various areas of studies are included such as quantum mechanical behavior of chemical reactions, single entities, solvation, intra-molecular energy flow as well as inter-molecular energy flow.
There are two types of Chemical Physicists. They include Experimental Chemical Physicist and Theoretical Chemical Physicist .

Experimental Chemical Physicist:

They tend to use the different spectroscopic techniques for gaining a good understanding of electron transfer, hydrogen bonding, chemical reactions, the formation of chemical bonds and their dissolution, formation of nanoparticles, etc.

Theoretical Chemical Physicist:

Chemical physicist also tends to research on various topics of physics and chemistry. They work on the simulations of molecular processes and practically examine them in the experiment so as to explain the results and lead the future research studies.
The main goal of both experimental and theoretical chemical physicists is to have a good understanding of the chemical reactions and structures. They also work on the elucidation of the structure of gas-phase ion, their radical and reactivity.

Chemical physicist undertakes various research studies, and aim at answering these questions:

  • These experts enquire whether quantum mechanical predictions can be tested or not.
  • Chemical Physicist s study and experiment to check how chemical reactions take place in real.
  • They also actively research to understand why quantum dots blink after the absorption of the photons.
  • They are striving to inspect about the step-by-step process in which isolated molecules are solvated. Chemical physicists try to find the answer to how the whole ensemble of molecules becomes solvated.
  • They inspect whether we utilize the properties of negative ions so as to determine the molecular structures. Effective research studies are taken for explaining the photo-dissociation as well as the dynamics of chemical reactions.
  • They also research why soft z-rays release the electrons out of atoms in the xenon cluster. So, this causes the cluster for the explosion.

Chemical Physics Journals
There are various journals published that release the information regarding the physical and chemical phenomena. These journals publish the theoretical and experimental studies that answer various questions. These journals are given below:

  • The Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Journal of Chemical Physics B
  • ChemPhysChem
  • Molecular Physics (journal)
  • Journal of Chemical Physics Letters
  • Chemical Physics Chemical Physics
  • Chemical Physics Letters
  • Chemical Physics
  • Journal of Chemical Physics A
  • Journal of Chemical Physics C

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