How to Gauge a Gift Site’s Opportunity for Improvement

How to Gauge a Gift Site’s Opportunity for Improvement post thumbnail image

One of the best ways to brighten a person or an employee’s day is by giving him or her gifts. Gifts can be presented during various occasions such as birthdays, parties, events, anniversaries, launches, and much more. You can easily present many different types of gifts such as door gifts, corporate gifts, birthday presents, and the list goes on.

Since gifts are so popular, it is no surprise that there are numerous brick and mortar, and online ecommerce stores selling all kinds of gifts. Some of the best ecommerce gift stores can be found on platforms and websites such as Amazon, Alibaba and Gifts Vista. If you are an online ecommerce gift store owner, you need to optimise your website to rank high on search engines, and stay ahead of the competition. Before you do that, you must first be able to gauge your gift site’s opportunity for improvement. Let’s look at how this can be done.

Check the Website Profile
Website profile encompasses areas such as the gift site’s name, URL, industry or niche, and description. Wherever possible, the word gift or gifts should be included in the website’s name, domain name and/or subdomain name. The website must clearly define the industry or niche it is targeting, such as corporate gifts, gag gifts or party gifts. And notwithstanding, the site description should clearly state that it is an ecommerce site that offers the specific type of gifts for sale. In addition, it can state where it is based, and where the products are produced, and shipped from.

Identify the Website’s Strengths
After you have checked the website profile, you can move on to identify the website’s strengths. Firstly, you should see if the website displays target keywords in the heading tags (H1, H2 and H3), title tags, meta descriptions, alt text images, in all the main pages, as well as product pages. Suitable target keywords should be related to your niche market. For example if your site is selling funny gifts, then suitable keywords can be gag gifts, funny gifts, funny mugs, funny shirts and more. Next, check the number of organic keywords it is ranking for, and the amount of traffic it is attracting. A good gift website should have a few hundred to a few thousand of keywords with hundreds or thousands of monthly site traffic.

Identify Website’s Area Of Opportunity
This is one of the most crucial steps in determining the gift site’s opportunity for improvement. The important things you can look out for here are each page’s total title tag character count, total description tag character count, whether keywords are added to tags, how high target keywords are ranking, and overall backlinks to the site.

Common problems in tags will include character counts that exceed the limit – 60 characters for title tags and 160 for description tags. By reducing the character count to the maximum characters that Google usually displays in its search engine result pages (SERPs), the site will adhere to Google guidelines and add relevance to its users so that they know clearly on the onset what they can discover in the website. In addition, this can help improve the site’s rankings. Another good tip is to avoid adding too many keywords in the tags as this may look spammy to Google Bots, and they may penalise the site rankings. Add only about 1 or 2 and make them sound natural in the tags, to improve rankings. If the website is ranking for several organic keywords, but these keywords are not ranking on page 1 despite having numerous backlinks, then you should improve the site’s off-site SEO like building more quality backlinks from sites with higher Domain Authority/Ranking or other suitable metrics.

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