Is SEO or Facebook Marketing Better for your Online Business?

Is SEO or Facebook Marketing Better for your Online Business? post thumbnail image

An online business doesn’t have to be an online store. Generally, an online business is a business that can be done through the online system, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shop or pay for something online. Online business is very large, and it encompasses many aspect such as ecommerce, Forex, Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, or other business services that can also be found on the Internet.

However, the greater the number of online businesses for a particular niche , the more competitive the niche will become. The various companies and business will then compete with each other to gain the most visitors, so as to achieve their main purpose of reaching as much people as possible, and maximising their business revenue.

With so many competition online, how can one’s business stay ahead of the competitors. One possible way is to adopt online marketing services. The most common types of online marketing is Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisiation.

When it comes to Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you must be reminded of Google and Facebook. This time, let’s discuss a little bit about Google and Facebook. If you were given two choices to choose from for your digital marketing needs, let’s say Google or Facebook, what’s your answer? Google, as in as SEO and Facebook, as in using Facebook marketing. SEO experts will definitely prefer Google, while Facebook marketing players will prefer to use Facebook. However, if the two methods are combined, they will be something stronger. We are looking at 2 big markets that have different targets and this provides very exciting opportunities for business outreach.

With SEO and to optimise the pages to rank on page 1 of Google, if we can take about 500 days to generate loads of traffic to the online store, that is considered good enough. Then, by adding Facebook marketing and optimising your online store, there is a potential to get many more times the number of orders for your online store.

The mentality for Facebook marketing is more of fan service when it comes to buying your products, and rarely will your Facebook fans compare prices before making purchases. But if you get visitors from Google via SEO, it is very often that these leads may compare the prices to your competitor’s website before deciding on where to make their purchases. Well, an advantage SEO has it that,  Facebook marketing is more costly. But the conversion results from Facebook may be better. For these reasons, we recommend that you combine the two marketing tactics, Google SEO and Facebook marketing, together. Hopefully all your marketing effects will be maximised.

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