Quick Facts about the Korean Thread Lift Procedure

Quick Facts about the Korean Thread Lift Procedure post thumbnail image

Women who want to achieve the contouring and lifting effects of face lift are now exploring a brand new, less invasive, and popular alternative, none other than the korean thread lift.

About the Korean Thread Lift
The Korean thread lifting is a breakthrough technique and treatment that Korean plastic surgeons have developed recently. The skin will be lifted with the use of a series of different kinds of thread fed through by lengthy needles with support at subcutaneous level to give the treated area a tightened and firmed look with noticeable skin tone improvement. The procedure uses a thread made of PolyDioxanOne or PDO, which is the same material being used for different surgical sutures that allows it to dissolve, with the skin absorbing it little by little. Different kinds of thread are used for various areas to achieve the coveted results.

Why Women Undergo Korean Thread Lift
The procedure is a cheaper, faster, and less invasive way for tightening and lifting the skin compared to the traditional facelift that requires surgery and longer recovery time. Here are other reasons why more and more women are falling in love with Korean thread lifting. Despite being a quick procedure, it offers long lasting results. The process is quick, with ladies possibly popping in during their lunch break because the procedure is that simple and quick. Women have reported to enjoy better skin tone aside from its lifting and firming benefits. This can also improve skin elasticity and the appearance of jowls.

The procedure can create that slimming effect. This is specifically used to achieve the appearance of a V-shaped face. This is also used for slimming upper arms and reducing the appearance of double chins. Korean thread lifting is also believed to stimulate elastin generation and growth of new collagen. The suture is done with PolyLactic Acid or PLA coating that is the same material used in the collagen boosters, Dermawell and Scupltra. The thread is also absorbable. The threads can also contain vitamin C to help with wound recovery and healing.

What Specific Areas Can Undergo Korean Thread Lifting?
The areas that are often treated with Korean thread lifting include the following:

Face – Korean thread lifting could be used for combating forehead lines, lifting cheeks and eyebrows, smoothing nasolabial folds and under eye areas, slimming the jawline, and changing the appearance of the nose.

Neck – The procedure can also slim the arms and muscle to reduce the appearance of linebacker neck, enhance the appearance of bat wings, and soften lines.

Nose – Threading can also be used to elevate and straighten the nasal bridge, lift the nose’s tip, and consequently narrow the nose’s width.

Abdomen – The Korean thread lift process can also be used for lifting the skin on the abdominal area although the results can be mixed.

These are some of the important facts that you might want to know before you undergo the Korean thread lift procedure.

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