What you can Learn About The Funny Gifts Niche from a Competitive Analysis

What you can Learn About The Funny Gifts Niche from a Competitive Analysis post thumbnail image

The gifts industry is one of the most popular and highly competitive niches out there today. Tons of dollars are spent by consumers on gifts each year, either at brick and mortar stores or online ecommerce shops. In an effort to differentiate themselves, many businesses have ventured into this industry and focused on specific sub niches within the industry such as corporate gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts, and more.

One specific type of gifts niche that is seeing increasing traction is the gag or funny gifts niche. Businesses in this niche sell anything from gag, hilarious, outrageous and funny gifts for men, women, children, and loved ones. One of the most popular online funny gifts stores is 786 Gifts, which offers a wide range of humorous gifts like funny mugs, shirts, and more.

If you are thinking about venturing into the funny gifts niche and becoming popular like 786 Gifts, then you need to know what your competitors are doing right. You can do just that with a competitive analysis using research tools such as Ahrefs and more. Let’s look at what you can learn about the funny gifts niche from a competitive analysis.

Analysis of Competitions’ Top Ranking Pages
Based on an analysis of the competitions’ top ranking pages, you’ll discover that the two main types of pages that are ranking high are product and article pages. The product page will showcase gag gifts, with images and titles of products listed in rows and columns. There is usually a brief description of products offered on the page at the top, incorporating the targeted keywords gag gifts and funny gifts. There will be mostly original content although there is duplicate content of some products on other pages with overlapping categories.

As for article pages, they usually contain articles on lists of funny, hilarious or gag Gifts with images, short paragraphs of each item and image, followed by a link to buy the product from another product page. There will also be mostly original content although there is duplicate content of some items on other pages with overlapping categories.

About the Audience
The audience for the gag and funny gifts niche are probably young adults about 21 years old and above, regardless of gender, who like gag gifts and funny gifts. They are also probably pranksters, who want to ensure that they can constantly brighten up and add humour to themselves and the people in their life.

Based on Ahrefs data, the majority of the audience are from the USA and UK, who search for keywords like gag gifts, funny gifts, gag gift ideas, good gag gifts and great gag gifts. They probably use either American or British slang.

The audience are tech savvy and active in social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. Most of them respond and share content mainly through Facebook and Pinterest likes and shares, with little traction from Twitter. Some of them also share their content by linking back to competitors’ sites, based on Ahrefs data on the number of backlinks each competitor has.

The type of content that appeals most to them are article lists on hilarious gag gifts. They also like funny images of gag gifts with products that have catchy designs and are of high quality, and there must be a brief description of the products. In addition, they like fresh, original content that appeals to their inner child and makes them laugh.

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