What to Look Out for In a Video Production Singapore Company

What to Look Out for In a Video Production Singapore Company post thumbnail image

Video production Singapore companies have made great advancements and improvements in producing videos today. They realise that it is essential to keep up with changes so as to be ahead of their competition and achieve success. These companies have adopted and implemented new technologies that enhance the overall video production experience. If you intend to hire a video production company, here are some things you should look out for.

Professionals not Amateurs
It is not easy to produce a video. A lot of experienced individuals, innovation, time and more are needed to produce the perfect video. Many of these professionals have taken recognised courses and pursued qualifications in video production for years, before they embark on making video production a career.

While it is entirely possible to record a video from your smartphone, the quality pales in comparison to one produced by professional video production companies such as Frame by Frame. These companies know how to select the most appropriate locations for a video shoot, utilise numerous high definition cameras for video capture, and edit and enhance video footage to prepare the most ideal output format.

Utilise Numerous Cameras
A good video production company will utilise numerous cameras in their arsenal of video production equipment. The camera operators will know how to configure the cameras for different kinds of shoots, and adjust the camera settings like aperture, focal distance, shutter speed and white light to get the best footage. In addition, they will know how to station cameras at strategic positions to obtain video footage from varying angles. And notwithstanding, they can then collate, edit and enhance captured video footage to make the most perfect video production.

Best Video Resolutions
Today, everyone only likes to watch videos in high resolution. As such, video production companies have upped their game, and only utilise cameras and video software that incorporates high definition (HD), full HD or even 4K resolutions. These high resolutions have the potential of displaying the most vibrant and polished colours in videos. Video production companies will always endeavour to produce the best video format for their clients, regardless of whether they are creating a corporate, family, party or commercial video.

Empathetic to Clients’ Needs
While it is important for video production companies to have the most advanced video production technologies and equipment, all of those will be for naught if they cannot be empathetic to their clients’ needs. They must understand and know what their clients want in the video production, and work towards satisfying these needs. Wherever possible, the video should incorporate a human element. It appears more natural, and the video can appeal to a greater range of people, if a human is portrayed in the video, especially if it is a corporate video. In the absence of a human element, the videos may appear artificial and dull. Experienced video production companies will know how to make use of multiple cameras and equipment to portray the human(s) in the most positive light, and get their editors to edit and enhance the video to perfection.

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