Why White Hat SEO is the Safest Technique

Why White Hat SEO is the Safest Technique post thumbnail image

Online business is not a strange thing anymore. With the increasing number of internet users, more Internet marketers are growing and constantly trying to make a big profit from online business. This makes competition in the top five of Google search engine ranking pages (SERPs) even stronger. More and more of them are giving their best and doing all the means to win over the competition in the online business, to stay on top of Google. The ultimate goal is to get their website or blog to be visited by many visitors. However, for nasty internet experts, they are even willing to break the rules, just to achieve top rankings on Google SERPs and high traffic to their sites.

It seems that this kind of nonsense or what is commonly called Blackhat tactics began to be widely followed by ignorant laymen. As a result, the website or blog could be lost for no reason or the blog could be hacked for dubious reasons. This is ruining the internet world and making the impression that the Internet is no longer clean.

In addition, this would be detrimental to those who do things legally and not cheat, like the White Hat SEO experts. This is making the White Hat SEO experts livelihood worse. The disadvantage they receive is the people’s disbelief in their genuine SEO services, which in turn causes their income to decrease.

White hat SEO techniques are generally the safest and least risky techniques. This is in contrast to the SEO Blackhat techniques, where the risks involved are huge. This technique of Blackhat SEO can have a huge negative impact on others.  If caught, websites can be penalised by Google, delisted from the SERPs, and in worse case scenarios, be banned completely.

As such, white hat SEO techniques are much safer and profitable. Becoming the best at Google SERPs can be done with simple proper backlinking techniques and quality articles. Quality articles mean original articles that are truly useful to readers or visitors, and not plagiarised or spun ones.

To know SEO properly, you can learn by buying SEO books in bookstores, watching videos or signing up for online or private SEO courses. Many private SEO providers are ready to teach you SEO knowledge which involve white hat or safe techniques. Always look for an experienced private SEO provider in the internet world. You can learn a lot of different types of SEO in private courses, making it easier for you to understand.

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